Libraries Step Up Advocacy

What we’re doing

Libraries Step Up is a collaboration between OWLS, Bridges, Nicolet and IFLS library systems to draw attention to all the work that libraries did in 2020. We’ve developed postcards and a toolkit of plug-and-play and customizable communications resources.

Why we're doing it

This effort is to counter the misperception that libraries have been closed during the pandemic. We’ll be promoting the postcard-writing campaign and the general message, starting with a big push for Library Legislative Day (Feb 16-18) and continuing through the spring listening sessions. We want your excellent work to be communicated loud and clear!

Your participation is what will make this work

Empowering your community members to speak up for libraries is a great way to amplify this message to elected officials.

What to do​

  • Make the postcards available.

    • Identify your key advocates, trustees, friends and fans and ask them personally. There’s an email in the Toolkit.

    • Give people a way to request postcards or just stuff curbside bags with the postcards and bag-stuffer instructions. Alternatively, make a display with poster, instructions and postcards located where people pick up their holds.  

  • Encourage community members to get and send their postcards using social media and posters.

Suggested language

Here are some social media posts (There are more in the Toolkit, as well as a sample e-mail):

  • Will you step up to support LIBRARY NAME? Consider sending a postcard to state legislators or local officials telling them why YOU are thankful for the library. Stop by the library for a postcard or request one in your curbside bag! (phone number and/or curbside link)
  • With one sentence, you can make a difference for LIBRARY NAME. Fill out and send a postcard to tell your state legislators or local officials why YOU were thankful for LIBRARY NAME in 2020. Stop by the library for a postcard or request one in your curbside bag! Call or email today (contact info)

The Toolkit